General Guidelines for a good CV

Keep it short and clear
The CV should be easy to read and well laid out with clear section headings and with the information presented in a logical and easy-to-follow format.

Keep it relevant
Don’t spend a page describing your successful millennium project; it has no relevance for employers today! It’s also better not to fill the front page of your CV with details of your school examination results and grades if you have been in employment for some time already.

Use a clear and easy-to-read typeface
Remember that many CVs are read on a computer screen these days. What looks good on paper may not be so clear on screen. Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Tahoma, Times Roman and Verdana are all good, clear typefaces suitable for CVs.

Proofread the CV
The biggest cause of rejection of CVs is poor spelling and grammar mistakes. Don’t let yourself down by having careless mistakes in your CV. Check carefully yourself, use a spell checker, and then get a friend or colleague to proofread the CV for you.

Be prepared to modify and update your CV
So many people write their CV and then send the same version out with every job application. You should keep modifying and updating your CV. Listen to comments and advice from recruiters and be prepared to make changes. Consider having several different versions of your CV, for example a CV that emphasises your strategic management skills, and another that highlights your operational/practical experience if these are the skills that are being specifically asked for.

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