quotesI think your service has been both professional and valuable – Many of us have experience of reviewing CV’s but preparing your own is an entirely different matter. I’m sure that I would have been too reticent and understated which may be admirable character traits in normal circumstances, but they are not advisable when trying to promote yourself. I’d certainly recommend your services to others.
Programme Director

quotesThe Interview went well – 2 1/2hrs ! The additional preparation and coaching helped me to approach matters in a more confident way, and undoubtedly positively influenced the outcome. Thank you. (Financial Director, London)

quotesAfter just missing for the last two interviews, I’ve got a job offer! I used all the techniques you taught me and they worked perfectly. For the first time I felt confident and relaxed in an interview. Thanks for all your help (Head of Risk, West London)

quotesYour interview session was spot on and provided me with the skills I needed to get me through my first interview in 11 years. I am so glad I booked the session with you (IT Director, UK )

quotesJust to let you know that I have an interview next week! I will be more than happy to make use of the advice that you gave me. Thanks again for all your help and I’m happy for you to use my comments as an endorsement (PR Manager, South West London)

quotesI received the CV that you wrote for me. Great job well done! (Civil Engineer, UK )

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