How to improve your chances of finding new job.

OK, so you are out of work and you are not getting any interviews. How can you improve your chances of getting a new job quickly?

Well like anything in this World you’ve got to work at it. In fact your new to find a new job! Yes, that’s right, you’ve got to work at it 8 hours a day (at least!). So what does this “job” involve? First things first, give your CV a complete makeover, make sure that you have a really strong profile and set out some of your key achievements and skills clearly. Have a look at my earlier blog on this subject – Writing a Winning CV With your new (and hopefully much improved) CV, you can place this on a job board like This should generate interest from recruiters. At the same time you should be actively responding to job advertisements on the the job boards. Start pro-actively calling some of the better recruitment agencies and build relationships with several recruitment consultants. Try to identify Consultants who either specialise in your field or frequently advertise jobs in your field. Many Recruitment Consultancies have teams who focus on particular sectors (ie. Legal, Retail, Telco, etc.) while others focus on specific roles. (ie. Business Analysts, Developers and so on) either way it makes sense to work with Consultants who understand what you do and will be actively canvassing employers for your kind of job. Once you identify the right Consultants, offer to go and see them. Even if you meet up for coffee for ten minutes it’s worth meeting face-to-face. Recruiters will be impressed by your motivation and will be more likely to think of you when the right job comes up.

What else can you do to improve your chances? Start thinking about the companies you would like to work for. Who were your last employer’s competitors? What other companies or organisations operate in the same field? Try sending your CV to these companies on a speculative basis.

Don’t forget to network, pull out that little black book (or Blackberry) and get in touch with all your old contacts and make sure that they are all aware that you are available. You might also consider attending industry events. There are a surprising number of free IT Conferences that you can attend which provide excellent opportunities for networking, have a look at for the latest conference news and don’t forget to take your CV!

Good luck with you new job!

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