Job Titles as Keywords in your CV

Including the titles of your past jobs and of roles you’re looking for is effective in making your CV stand out in relevant computer searches. These titles can be included in the professional profile paragraph of your CV and in the employment history section respectively.
As previously stated, recruiters are usually focused on a particular job title when engaged in a search. Make sure that you use job titles that closely match the job that you are applying for.
Most recruiters will have come across (by chance!) the CVs of candidates who are exactly right for a particular job but do not have any of the right key words in their CV. Of course the best recruiters will look carefully at every CV that is sent to them and, if they are experienced, have the skills and industry knowledge to recognize that a “Customer Satisfaction Manager” might be the ideal candidate for the position of “Customer Relationship Manager” but rather than making the recruiter’s job more difficult we are in the business of making it easier.
If you are applying for the position of Customer Relationship Manager and you have all of the required skills and experience requested in the job advertisement then consider using that job title in your application. If you don’t then you risk being left out of searches or not being short-listed for interview.

But please remember don’t change your job title unless it accurately represents what you actually do and that you can back it up with actual experience of fulfilling that type of role.

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