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In addition to providing resources and coaching for job hunters I am also providing a one day workshop for recruiters and employers to enable them to improve the quality of candidate interviews.


The failure to pick the right candidate is what the Economist calls “the single biggest problem in business today”. Extensive research suggests that the typical manager’s “successful hiring rate” is less than 50%. And in research undertaken by the British Psychological Society the so-called “traditional” interview scores not far ahead of graphology and astrology as an accurate indicator of future job performance; job references, personality tests and competency based interviews all score higher as predictors of future job success.

Given the startling statistics and the poor predictive validity of old-fashioned interviews it’s not surprising that employers and recruiters are increasingly turning to more robust, fact based recruitment.

I’m now offering a one day workshop on competency based interviewing.

Who will benefit from the workshop?

  1. Recruitment Consultants who typically interview candidates on behalf of their clients; selecting the wrong candidates (or candidates) usually means no fee for the recruitment agency or worse a claw-back.
  2. Hiring Managers who would like to understand how to implement a more structured fact-based screening process into their organisation and improve the percentage of “successful hires”.   It’s estimated that the cost of replacing an unsuccessful hire can be 30% or more of annual salary. Poor hiring decisions can also lead to lost customers, lost productivity and wasted time and effort.  

A one day workshop on competency based interviewing for interviewers

Course objectives

After completing the course you should:

The skill of Competency Based Interviewing grows over a period of time. Whilst you may not have mastered all of the techniques by the end of your first day of training, your skills will improve with experience utilizing the effective principles covered in this very practical workshop which will provide delegates with the opportunity to participate in group discussions and to practice interviews.

The course covers a broad range of topics including:

The workshop can be run over a half day or preferably a full day. The ideal number of delegates would be 8-10 but the workshop can also be run effectively for larger or smaller groups.

Training venue

The workshop can be delivered in-house at your location or at an external venue. Previous workshops and coaching sessions have taken place at the Regus Offices in Guildford, Surrey. This venue offers a fully professional training environment with teas, coffees and light refreshments available throughout the day.

The cost 

The fee for a half day workshop (4 hours) is £400. The full day workshop (8 hours) is £750. The cost of the training venue (if required) and refreshments will be charged at cost.

The Course Trainer  

I run all the courses personally. I have over 30 years senior management experience as a General Manager with BAE Systems and as an Executing Search Consultant. I’m currently the Official Career Coach for The Daily Telegraph and I write regularly on career-related issues for the The Guardian and Computer Weekly. As a management trainer I have developed and presented training courses to a wide range of organisations, most recently delivering a series of management courses to delegates based in the Middle East. I have a Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Education from Aston University in Birmingham.

I am the author of You’re Hired” Total Job Search published by Trotman Education.

For further information please call me on: 01243 814 120 or use the contact form. 

Struggling to find a job?

In the current recruitment market competition for senior jobs is fierce. Senior roles may attract over a hundred applications and for that reason dusting off the old CV and hoping for the best is simply not going to work. Many employers and recruitment agencies are now using sophisticated screening software to short-list candidates and as a result many otherwise very experienced senior managers are getting rejected simply because they haven’t written their CV effectively and haven’t used the correct key words and phrases. Sending in the wrong kind of CV will result in repeated rejections without ever getting to the interview stage. Read my article in The Daily Telegraph to see how this “Computer Says No” recruitment model can effect even senior level job applications.


What's the answer?

Having a carefully constructed CV will ensure that you really stand out from the crowd and ensure that your CV is read by a human recruiter (and not rejected by a computer!). Most importantly a strong CV which highlights your relevant experience for the job and includes the right key words and phrases will get you short-listed for interviews. The biggest mistake made by job hunters is to send off the same CV for every job application. That won’t work. Every job is unique and you need to customize your CV (and covering letter) for every job that you apply for.

You could certainly try to do this yourself but for many busy senior managers it makes sense to get a professional to write the CV and accompanying cover letter and LinkedIn profile. A properly targeted CV can dramatically improve your chances of being short-listed for interviews.

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My name is Jeremy I'Anson. I'm the author of the best selling job search book You're Hired Total Job Search and I write careers advice articles for Computer Weekly and Guardian Careers. I'm the official Careers Coach for The Daily Telegraph. I've had many years experience working in recruitment and I've helped hundreds of job hunters at every level from intern to CEO to find and secure a job.
Please do call me on 01243 814 120 or contact me using the form below (and upload your existing CV if available) to find out how I can help you make your next career move.

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